Ambassadors Circle

African American “Ambassadors” bring the richness of their personal stories and cultural experience to our table to ensure authentic knowledge-based sharing across the racial divide. Their participation is important and often sheds light on the misconceptions of racial dynamics, historically and currently. Ambassadors represent the unheard and often underserved voices of the community. Ultimately, their participation provides an opportunity to uncover similarities and differences in our shared American narrative, bringing us to a place of greater understanding. 

Facilitators Circle

Our CT-VA Facilitators Circle came into being to provide at least one trained facilitator per table at gatherings for dinner and conversation. We help strangers from different backgrounds enter into meaningful, transforming conversations. Dr. Bonnie Dowdy and Dr. Shelli Jost Brady share their extensive knowledge and experience in

  • monthly 1.5-hour trainings and
  • retreats, workshops and training intensives throughout the year.

They particularly focus on using

  • Circle Process and
  • Touchstones, which are our guidelines for interacting in community.


These processes, adapted from the Coming to the Table Approach©, help draw participants out of fear and constraint and into deep places that are more open, honest, and receptive than when they began our gathering.”

Co-Founder / CEO

Danita Rountree Green

Danita Rountree Green (pen name, Rachel Satiafa) is an author and trauma healing facilitator, conducting workshops addressing community trauma and race related issues.

Marsha Summers

Marsha Summers grew up in Southern California, but has lived in the Southeast for her entire adult life, with the last 20 years being in Richmond, VA

Board of Directors


Brown MEd

I have lived in Richmond, VA for the past 70 years. I was born in Farmville, VA where schools were closed rather than be integrated...