Facilitators are our frontline change makers. Both in our online and in-person gatherings, they create spaces that are safe and brave, so that participants in our gatherings are comfortable enough to share their experiences around racial issues. Facilitators model our Touchstones [add hyperlink to new document], using them to guide conversations so that everyone who comes together feels respected. They model the kind of conversations we hope participants will engage in when addressing difficult issues in their day-to-day lives. 

CT - VA Certification Program

All of our facilitators go through at least a one-year practicum in which they are immersed in CT-VA’s approach to the facilitation of courageous, clumsy and often uncomfortable conversations on race.  

During Level 1 training, they work with our more experienced facilitators to learn how to create a container in which participants feel safe and brave enough to be vulnerable. Major emphasis is placed on how the Touchstones embody and advance the mission of CT-VA. Facilitators also participate in our other Circle activities, such as Book or Movie Discussions, [hyperlink to Book Circles and Movie Circle page/s on website] in order to deepen their understanding of past and present racism in this country and increase their comfort level with talking honestly about racial issues. At the end of this first year, they have the option to go on to Level 2 of the Certification Program.  

Level 1 and 2 facilitators guide small group conversations for 3rd Tuesday Gatherings and other in-house circles and events, as needed.   

Our year-long Level 2 training is for facilitators who want to advance their skills and participate in leading out-of-house events, such as our Becoming Community Series and selected special events, in addition to our in-house gatherings.