Our Vision

is of a racially healed world of thriving, equitable, and just communities

Coming Together Virginia is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on a vision of “a racially healed world of thriving, equitable and just communities.”  Over 1200 participants were impacted by our work in racial healing and community building last year. With your help, many more facilitated courageous conversations will take place, seeding new opportunities for personal and community transformation.  We make a difference through allyship, connecting faith-based organizations, community advocates and corporate partners with neighborhood needs.Be a part of the change in 2023.

Truth Telling

Researching, acknowledging, and sharing personal, family, community, state, and national histories of race with openness and honesty


Connecting to others within and across racial lines in order to develop and deepen relationships


Exploring how we can heal together through dialogue, reunion, ritual, meditation, prayer, ceremony, the arts, apology and other methods

Taking Action

Actively seeking to dismantle systems of racial inequality, injustice, and oppression; to work for the transformation of our nation



In Indigenous societies, coming together in a circle has been as natural as sitting around a fire and reflecting on shared concerns. It inspires a different quality of conversation. People tell stories and share experiences. We are more likely to speak from our hearts and listen from our hearts as well. We want to experience each other not as adversaries but as fellow human beings. We find a place where we can share what is going on with us, whatever that may be.

Circle Process brings these qualities into a modern experience. Circles offer a different way of dealing with the challenges of everyday life as well as a way of responding to the larger challenges we face so that this way of being becomes a way of life instead of a once-a-month experience. Every voice is heard and valued for its contribution to the whole, a much-needed authentic experience in our culture. We believe that well-trained Facilitators are key to supporting a Circle in its process of being a brave as well as safe space for conversation.

Though participants may not realize it at first, Circles offer a structured form of dialogue. The idea is that we can engage in difficult conversations most fruitfully when we first nurture our shared values. Setting aside time up front to build relationships based on what we have in common, Circles create a safe space for participants to express different viewpoints and strong emotions as they discuss difficult issues later on. The process is useful for both communicating and making decisions.


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